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Save Our Hearts // Madisyn Whajne

The Swindonian (UK) - Between Pop and a Hard Place, Madisyn Whajne Takes Aim

The Manitoban (CA) - Madisyn Whajne Save Our Hearts, '4/5

Buzz Music (USA) - Madisyn Whajne Is The Definition of Artistic Versatility With Her Debut Album, 'Save Our Hearts'

Turn Up the Volume (Belgium) - Swirling Sparks – Discover Debut Album ‘SAVE OUR HEARTS’ By Magnificent Voice MADISYN WHAJNE

WoNo Magazine (Germany) - Save Our Hearts. Madisyn Whajne

Cambridge Music Reviews (UK) - Madisyn Whajne : Save Our Hearts, LP released December 2020

El Santo Del Rock (Mexico) - Madisyn Whajne: Save Our Hearts

Dancing About Architecture (UK) - One Shot Madisyn Whajne

Jammerzine (UK) - The Test Drive - Madisyn Whajne

Whisperin' and Hollerin' (Ireland) - Madisyn Whajne - Save Our Hearts

You Haven't Heard this Music Podcast - Ritchie Armer - Madisyn Whajne "sweet talk" single review


Jammerzine (UK) - First Listen - Madisyn Whajne - One Shot



Zone Nights (Argentina) - Sweet Talk New Single

Dominionated - Madisyn Whajne - Save Our Hearts

The RingMaster Review UK - Madisyn Whajne - Save  Our Hearts

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